When is my German final?

Please check official final calendar here. Please note that not all German courses have a final (e.g. there might be a final paper or project). Please consult your course syllabus.

How do I find out about German-related events on (and off) campus?

You professor will of course tell you about such events during class. But you can also find out more through our web site:


You can sign up for posts to this news section by subscribing to them via e-mail. The form is at the bottom left of any Rhodesgerman.org page.

Is tutoring available?

Yes! Flyers are already up in the language center and will be posted soon here. Tutoring will take place in the Language Learning Center in Palmer Hall 102/104.

I always have class during your office hours. What do I do?

You can always come to my office when my door is open. Unless I am in a meeting or out for lunch, I am usually in my office with the door open. You can also always schedule a meeting via e-mail. And of course I’m always available before and after class.

Can I bring food or beverages to class?

As long as they don’t interfere with classwork or have a negative effect on other students – yes. For example, you will be asked to move around the classroom from time to time, and a meal would make that difficult. Your fellow classmates might also not like certain food smells.

Where can I find the slides from the Study Abroad info session?

They are available here.

I lost my Kulturportfolio copy. What do I do?

You can download it here.

Why do we have this site in addition to our moodle site?

This site is not password-protected (whereas moodle is), so that you can access the site quickly and frequently. This site also displays properly on mobile devices. We will us moodle for tools that require privacy, such as the gradebook.

I want to practice more! Where can I find more resources?

These are all great free services. I will show most of these in class at some point. Please find something that works for you! If none of these seem to be for you, come and see me and we’ll find something that is geared towards your learner profile.

Other useful resources:

How do I type German characters (like öäüß)?

It depends on your computer or device, and even for each of these there are multiple ways of using foreign characters. We have several guides in the language centers for different operating systems. Otherwise: google it!

Quick fix: use a virtual online keyboard: Liteype or TypeIt.

What can I do to do well in German 101?

Achieving the course goals requires regular practice with the language both in- and outside the classroom, a willingness to experiment with new patterns of sounds and words, patience with yourself, and a sense of humor. Because the vast majority of class time will be spent communicating in German, and this and all college language courses move at a very quick pace, attendance is an ESSENTIAL part of your commitment to this course.

At Rhodes we use a communicative approach to German language instruction, recognizing that everyone gains ability in a language through both acquisition (“picking it up” or osmosis) and learning (studying, homework, etc.). We therefore focus on providing input in German through various means – from the instructor, from other students via classroom activities, through media, etc. At least 95% of class will be conducted in German. Note: Do not expect to understand every word you hear/read or to produce perfect sentences right away. If you could, you would belong in a higher-level German course! Your mastery of German will develop naturally as you are exposed to meaningful input and respond to what you see and hear. Challenge yourself but don’t force yourself – let it happen, and you’ll be amazed at your progress by the end of the semester!

Your Work Outside the Classroom Because classroom time will be spent playing with the German structures presented in the textbook, your success in and enjoyment of this class will be directly proportional to your commitment to regular and diligent outside preparation.

I’d like to watch a German movie. Do you have any recommendations?

Note: all of the films (and many more) are available in the Language Learning Center.

The Lives of Others (2006) – Das Leben der Anderen (original title)

Good-Bye Lenin! (2003)

Miracle of Bern, The* (2003) – Das Wunder von Bern was Germany’s 1954 soccer win.

Run Lola Run (1998)

If I need help with an essay, what can I do? Can I just e-mail my drafts to my professor?

There are a number of things you can do: talk to your professor during office hours or before/after class. You can also consult with the German tutor (times change each semester. check the news section of this site and/or the posters in the Language Center in Palmer Hall 102/104).

Please note, however, that sending in a complete draft via e-mail and expecting your professor or the tutor to fix it is not appropriate.

I’d like to practice my pronunciation. Any tips?

First of all, your German professors would be happy to work with you individually on pronunciation. But there are some resources that you can start with. The book has a pronunciation guide, and here are some useful web sites: